Shandong China

About This Project


Shandong China Government – Shandong Brightway International Exhibition Co.

Description of Work:

Custom built stands for the Royal Adelaide Show

Dates Undertaken:

2015 – 2018

AEH worked closely with the only supplier to the Shandong Government to produce their stand at the Royal Adelaide Show. AEH has built a new stand each year based on a joint venture. There have been 4 stands built over the 4 years so far. The stand space is 144 sqm and each area of display was specialised for certain offerings the client wished to showcase.  

Shandong China is South Australia’s sister state and we welcome a number of investment, trade and cultural delegates each year to Adelaide to celebrate collaboration with our state. 

This demonstrates our ability to work well with international clients and suppliers both when AEH is managing and when we are building on their behalf. 

The stands have also won “Best Stand – Major Exhibit” at some of the displays.