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Description of Work:

Featuring the Eco Board sustainable expo build product, our team built a variety of items include Entrance Arbours, Exhibitor pods, feature central display, tables & chairs, farm house signage and directional signage. The Exhibitor booth style looked more like a farm house than a traditional booth all positioned on a raised timber look floor. A podcast room, feature areas and fencing was also built from a timber.

Hanging fabric banners, floor decals, window and stair signage, lounge areas, registration and entrance feature, high volume seating, audio visual, plants, service management, logistics.

Dates Undertaken:

February 2023


“The team behind evokeAG – Asia Pacific’s premier agrifood tech event – would love to thank the entire team at Adelaide Expo Hire for their support on evokeAG 2023. AEH were challenged with new and innovative expo concepts, taking preliminary sketches and ideas through their design studio to execute a custom expo look and feel for the event that will be celebrated for years to come. The quality of build and print was beyond our expectations, whilst the service and support of the team at AEH was world-class.  AEH were also very supportive in the desire to champion sustainability, supplying eco-sourced pine for the expo booth builds, and recycled eco board for a significant portion of the event signage. Event waste was minimal, with 95% of AEH signage and build items being reused or recycled. “

“Whilst we are grateful to the entire team (and by that, we mean the ENTIRE AEH office team were onsite), we’d like to thank Vanessa, Kim and Paul and the other key stakeholders in bringing this event to life.”

Angus Macpherson
Technical Director, ANZ
George P Johnson

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