AEH Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions


Are you looking for branding solutions to align with your business objectives and company’s sustainability policy? Then we are here to help you.

Our in-house design team and dedicated Account Managers are experts at putting your brand on display with a range of sustainable alternatives. We create innovative displays that reduce, reuse, recycle and repurpose materials without compromising your display.

If we reduce our environmental impact then this in turn will collectively help you meet your company’s sustainability goals.


We are demonstrating our commitment to environmentally sustainable products with the aim to reduce impact wherever possible. We believe every change we make will help achieve our goal to reduce impact on the environment.

We have already commenced reducing environmental impact by selecting the boards we build with, the substrates we print on, the lights we install and the cleaning chemicals we use.


Our key build systems namely Aluvision, Octanorm, Corinthian are all systems that are re-used over and over without compromising quality. Our range of furniture hire, flooring and electrical equipment are also re-used from event to event.


Our Eco Board is 100% recyclable and repulpable and we print directly onto it. This board is the perfect display solution to reduce raw materials and waste. Our circular economy approach will benefit your business, our society and environment.

Our team has practices in place to recycle at every opportunity we can.


Our team is constantly looking at innovative ways to close the loop on the recycle process, to minimise anything going to waste and where possible repurpose items for a second or third use. Repurposing definitely allows for creative use of materials and we take this challenge on board.


AEH Eco Board

Our Eco board is your complete alternative for traditionally manufactured MDF custom stands and other point of sales products. This product is 100% recyclable and reusable. We would love to discuss how you can use AEH Eco board for your next display of any size.

Modular Build Systems

Two of our build systems, Aluvision and Octanorm are manufactured from 100% recyclable aluminium that can be endlessly reused. Did you know 75% of all the Aluminium ever produced is still in use today?AEH also partners with likeminded suppliers for fabric signage so they can be recycled after use.

LED Lighting

All lighting supplied by AEH is LED. LED last 20 times longer, are 80% more energy efficient than other forms of lighting and are brighter meaning you don’t need to use as many.LEDs also contain Nontoxic elements reducing our carbon footprint. We have carried this ethos through to our warehouse and buildings which are also all fitted with LED lighting .

Cleaning Options

AEH takes the view that all products used according to instructions should present the minimum possible risk to the environment. We use Chemicals that are GECA certified (Good Environmental Choice Australia) and contain no toxic or harmful ingredients, are highly biodegradability and are plant derived where practical.

Waste and Waste Management

AEH have partnered with an international waste management company who we work closely with to make sure we are doing what we can to minimise our wastage. Our team has invested a lot of time in implementing procedures, systems and training to make sure our waste is separated and disposed of correctly to reduce our carbon footprint.

Warehousing and Storage

We use landfill-biodegradable bubble wrap and pallet wrap for protecting and storing items such as custom stands and signage. It can be recycled or disposed of in the general rubbish bin. Once disposed to landfill, biodegradation is accelerated approximately 90+% faster than conventional bubble wrap, producing an organic matter (a natural fertiliser) and no microplastics.


We are working towards Sustainable Exhibitions


AEH is committed to working towards more sustainable displays, implementing greener and smarter materials and technologies.
Our aim is to progressively make changes to lead our industry towards a more sustainable future.

Introducing Eco Board


A future friendly solution towards more sustainable exhibitions and displays. We are implementing greener and smarter materials in our products.Its versatile, direct printable, light weight, eco friendly, fully recyclable with a professional appearance.