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At AEH we welcome the opportunity to partner with you to maximise your exhibition or event. Our extensive range of exhibition and associated hire products together with our dedicated customer service, operations, signage and custom design staff, allow us to provide the solution for your event – large or small.

A strong service ethos and staff motivated by providing positive customer experiences has resulted in AEH being recognised by industry peers nationally on seven occasions - in the process becoming the only Exhibition Hire Company in Australia to be inducted into the Meetings and Events (MEA) Australia Hall of Fame twice.

We understand that your event being a success is the cornerstone of our relationship, and as such we work in a proactive, collaborative and flexible manner so you can achieve your event outcomes.

Contact us today so we can hear your event vision, then work together with you to bring it to reality.

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Whether you are an Exhibitor or an Event Organiser, we have a range of services for your Exhibition needs. Click on an image below to find out more about our Exhibition Services.

  • Booths
  • Online Furniture Hire
  • Signage
  • Entrance Features
  • Chargebars, Internet Centres and Registration Areas

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We understand that sometimes it’s hard to imagine what furniture and items can fit into different booth sizes, so we’ve designed a new area of our website called ‘Picture This’.

Click on the booth size that you have, and we will take you through a range of images to show you different options for booth design. Don’t forget to contact our custom design area to chat about unique offerings.

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An award-winning team. An award-winning service.

The MEA Industry Awards recognise excellence and best business practice in the Meetings & Events Industry.

Adelaide Expo Hire is proud to be twice inducted into the MEA Hall of Fame from 2004-2007 & 2010-2013 for Meetings & Events Support Services.

In 2014, we were the National Winners for Exhibition Services. We are also proud to be awarded the South Australian Award 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility - Category B.

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Click on the images below to see some of our exhibition booths, furniture and signage

AEH Exhibitions

Some frequently asked questions about Exhibitions

  • Is my booth being built in Octanorm or Corinthian?

    Information about your booth is detailed in your Exhibitor Kit. If you do not have an Exhibitor Kit, please ask your Organiser, our Exhibition Coordinator or visit the event website for your exhibition to view the exhibition booth details.

  • Is the cost of the furniture hire for the duration of the exhibition?

    Cost of furniture hire is for the duration of the exhibition, not exceeding 10 days. General furniture hire outside of an exhibition is for a period not exceeding 7 days; however longer term hire rates can be negotiated. Audio visual items are the one exception and are charged at more specific timeframes (i.e. 1-day, 2-day) as these items have higher unit costs and a shorter lifespan.

  • Why do I pay a minimum of $50+GST for transport for one item when you have other furniture being delivered?

    The minimum delivery charge covers much more than just transport. It is for transport to the venue, cleaning and maintenance, placement onto your stand, and collection and return to our warehouse after the event.

  • What is the Damage Waiver, and does it insure the hire furniture?

    The Damage Waiver is 7%. The Damage Waiver is payable to cover the cost associated with the normal wear and tear of the equipment, is compulsory and it is not refundable . It does not cover misuse or theft of the equipment and so it does not insure the goods being hired. It is compulsory and it is not refundable.

  • When will my furniture be delivered to my stand?

    Furniture orders will be delivered to individual stands as part of the final stages of the exhibition build, but before the commencement of the exhibitor move in period. Whilst we do our best to provide an accurate time frame for furniture deliveries, there are a range of factors which can impact on delivery times, such as trucks delivering equipment over different time spans, and congestion at the venue loading dock. There are many trucks, not just our own, all needing access to docks at the same time, so we cannot predict the precise time we will be able to unload.

  • Can I pick up my own hire furniture?

    Yes, arrangements can be made for you to pick up your furniture hire items (excluding audio visual items and plants) from our Adelaide Expo Hire warehouse at North Plympton. Please note in this instance the hire period commences from the time of the furniture pick up and concludes when the furniture is returned, and the hirer accepts all responsibility for the loss or damage of the furniture during this period.

  • What are the acceptable file formats for my artwork?

    Our preferred file format is a high resolution PDF with the following specifications:
    The document size should be at 100% of the final trimmed size.
    Trim marks should be on the file.
    10mm of bleed should be applied to all edges, with the exception of our fabric banners which require 100mm.
    Fonts should be converted to “outlines”, “curves” or “paths”.
    All images or photos should be CMYK not RGB, at least 100dpi or greater, or should be vector based.
    All images, photos and transparencies used must be flattened.

  • Is there a limit to how many wall mounted shelves I can have?

    Up to 4 shelves per 1 metre wide wall panel. More than this may exceed the maximum weight limit of the supporting wall.

  • Is there a limit to how much weight I can put on each wall mounted shelf?

    You can have up to 10kgs on each of the four shelves (weight needs to be evenly spread across the width of the shelf).

  • How much power do I need to order?

    Most appliances have a rating on them either in watts e.g. - 600w or in amps e.g. 2.5amps.
    Use the wattage information on your appliance to determine the strength of the power point you need. If you are unsure please contact your Exhibition Coordinator who will be happy to assist.

  • What lighting and power do I get with a space only site?

    Generally space only sites are just that - space only. Lights and power need to be ordered separately with our Exhibition Coordinator unless otherwise indicated in your exhibitor kit.

  • What lighting and power is provided in a standard exhibition booth?

    Normally 1x 4amp power point and 2x 120 watt spotlights are included per 9 sq/m booth but this can vary from exhibition to exhibition, and is not included as standard in all exhibitions. It is always advisable to check with your Exhibition Coordinator unless otherwise indicated in your exhibitor kit.

  • Can I install my own lights?

    Yes - but you will be need to order the appropriate power supply to run the total wattage of your lights. It is best to check with your Exhibition Coordinator as they will be able to assist you with ordering the correct amount of power for your needs.

    Please note that all your equipment including leads and lights will need to have tags to indicate they have been tested prior to the event.

  • Will you hook up my electrical equipment to the power supply?

    No - you will need to arrange installation and connection of your own equipment. Don't forget to bring to the show things like extension leads, power boards etc. Double adaptors are not permitted in exhibition venues.
    Please note that all your equipment including leads and lights will need to have tags to indicate they have been tested prior to the event

  • Can I plug directly into the power lead on top of my booth wall?

    No. These sockets are for Adelaide Expo Hire use only and are used for distribution of power supply for the whole block of booths. You must order power if you require it on your stand. Unauthorised connection by exhibitors can cause power overloads that have not been accounted for during distribution of the power.

  • Do I need to order power to run lights I have ordered?

    No. The cost of powering the lights you order from us is included in the price of the light.

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"My biggest plus would be for the level and quality of Lounge furniture provided and many delegates enjoyed the fact that it was not the regular hard backed plastic furniture. A great team to work with!"

Nihal Fernandez - TSANZSRS Annual Scientific Meeting

"The willingness of your entire team to work with us to bring this event together is outstanding. We appreciate the can do attitude and feeling of being on the same team that we enjoy with AEH staff. "

Grant Piggott - Royal Adelaide Show

"Your exhibition coordinator was very helpful from initial contact, right through the event until completion. The ground staff … were also the most polite exhibition people I have dealt with. Your build supervisor was very helpful, friendly and did a great job."

Rebecca Henry - CPA Internal Careers Expo